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A student visa is a legal immigration document issued to students by another country that allows them to study for a certain period of time. Student visas are commonly used by students at colleges, universities, and specialty institutions. Prospective students are generally required to apply for and obtain a student visa before they start school in the host country. These visas are considered non-immigrant visas, which means holders must abide by certain rules to retain their status and stay in the country.


  • A student visa is a legal document that allows individuals to pursue their education in another country.
  • These visas are commonly used by post-secondary students or those who intend to pursue specialty studies.
  • Student visas aren't automatically granted, which means prospective students must apply for one with the appropriate department of the country where they intend to study.
  • Students must be accepted, enrolled, and able to support themselves financially while in school in order to get a student visa.
  • Being approved for a visa doesn't necessarily grant the same rights as citizens in the host country.

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